jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

¡The First Post!

Writing the first post is a hardworking task... that's why we decided to introduce you "Travel And Adventure Blog" with some very important facts about this blog.

1.- Who we are?
We are some students who wants to show you the best travel and adventure offers and stuff; we're taking a "course" to prepare our skills as "Tourist Guide".

2.-Why this blog?
Easy answer: A good place to take tips and information.

3.-What will we blog about?
Countrys, places to visit, museums, airlines, discounts and offers.

We're gonna appreciate your comments and your visits.

Here we go!

8 comentarios:

  1. Well, it's better than my first post. I just typed "First!" lol

  2. looking forward to your next articles.

  3. your idea is great, check out my blog it is similar, yet different. at my blog we are a group of students who have done exchanges and we share information about certain areas

  4. Sounds like a great cause.. Can't wait to hear more from you guys, places you've already been to and all. I'm a great traveller myself so i followed your blog.